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The normal one

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Fresh water, 40 litres, temperature 24-30 °C, pH neutral, nitrate 15 mg/l

Rocky with few vegetation, one of  the ugliest aquariums on the net ;-)
Pump, heater and temperature sensor are hidden behind the rock wall realised deforming with heat a pexiglass plastic panel to create a two pieces structure (the lower one is fixed, the upper one is mobile) and glueing on it porous rocks.
Some holes in the upper side let fish and crustacean to visit the internal zone; small and numerous holes in the opposite side of the pump guarantee a continual water flux in the internal zone.

The inhabitants

4 Cheirodon Axelrodi
Cardinale(click to enlarge)
3cm long fish with blue, red and white horizontal, good-natured, very strong.
They keeps under control the gold snails proliferation.
Breeding unknown.

1 Siamensis (Epalzeorhynchus Siamensis)
Siamensis(click to enlarge)
6cm long, grey/white fish with a black horizontal strip, in a constant motion but good-natured, do not create problems to smaller fishes.
It continuously looks for food and contributes to keep the aquarium clean of algae and residue.
Breeding unknown.

4 Caridina Japonica (click to enlarge)
Caridina   Caridina  Caridina 
Small crayfish 4 cm long, excellent cleaner, indispensable in any aquarium.
Breeding difficult (the larval stage require brackish water but someone reports a success on fresh water).

12 Neocaridinas

They are quite prolific, so, I moved a dozen of them from the other aquarium to this.

Long conic snails
Conica(click to enlarge)
Maroon, 20mm long, 
they excavate the bottom cleaning and enriching it of oxygen without create problems to the plants.
Breeding easy.

Large black snails
Grande nera(click to enlarge)
Black, 11mm long, it's always well hidden in the shell and is very slow.
Breeding unknown.

Ellipsoidal gold snails
Ellissoidali(click to enlarge)
Maroon/gold, 6mm long, inconceivably
prolific, the new born are in the Cheirodon's diet.
Breeding very easy.

Flat spiral snails
Spirale(click to enlarge)
Maroon, 6mm long, tranquil,
they contribute to keep leaves clean.
Breeding easy. Copyright (C) 2004-2005, Rod @

Updated on 5 June 2005