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Photography and microscope

icroscope illuminator

Illuminatore(click to enlarge)

To get the microscope images I've build an illuminator to put above the glass.
It's good for
darkview images; the light spectrum of LEDs is made of  narrow bands and you can get better images than with the bulb that emits a great amount of infrared light.
It wont win a beauty award but it works greatly :-)
It's made of a 220 ohm resistance, a 1N4148 diode and three white LEDs; it is powered at 8-13 volts.
The LEDs are mounted in a 1.5cm high, 3cm wide white plastic tube and are fixed to the centre/down direction; in the opposite side of LEDs it's glued a strip of lead.

Zoom adapter for Canon A70

Zoom  Millimetro
(click to enlarge)

Robust, light and economic :-)
The appearance can be debate but it has a theoretical resolution of 2 micron/pixel (150x), it gets the focus till 5cm on water and resolve about 10 micron (30x).
The optics come from an old video camera, the body is composed of two
pierced plastic stoppers glued one on the top of the other, in the bottom one I carved and  folded thermally the three teeth for the rotation hook.
It permits to use contemporary the optical/digital camera zoom; It's the bracket for the microscope adapter too.
ATTENTION just before the camera optical zoom closes it goes out 2mm more; you must take it in account, the adapter must not hinder the optical zoom.

Microscope adapter for Canon A70

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A simple adapter easy to build, it's composed of a pierced plastic stopper and the top of a plastic water bottle glued inside.
This adapter will be inserted in the zoom adapter without the optics to be coupled to the camera. Copyright (C) 2004-2005, Rod @

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Updated on 9 April 2005