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You can find the simulator and its SDK in the ORBITER space flight simulator site


This module sends to a serial interface the geographic coordinates of the vessel in the GPS NMEA protocol format so that an external viewer (e.g. in a Palm or PC) can show the position.
In other words it transforms the Orbiter PC in a GPS emulator that sends the vessel coordinates to a serial interface (e.g. Bluetooth, wired serial, etc.).
Connecting your Palm or a PC, no matter the Operating System, and starting your GPS program you can show the data, track the flight, etc.
You can easy find open source and freeware GPS software for your Palm and PC on the net.

GPSVessel 1.0 beta 1  82Kb .zip, pdf English manual

To use it you may need the Microsoft redistributable


This is a vessel remote control, it's thought for Bluetooth but you should be able to use any serial interface working between the Palm and the PC


PalmRControl 1.0 beta 1, 145Kb .zip,   pdf English manual

To use it you may need the Microsoft redistributable

Palm prc GPL source code
PC dll GPL source code

Current known issue:
    Opening the connection the state of Main engine isn't set Palm side till it changes
    May enter in a condition that do not update the state of controls Palm side
    The Palm [Focus] button may crash Orbiter in some circumstance

DialogTemplate is the Martin Schweiger's DialogTemplate sample adapted to the Express edition of the Microsoft development environment
You can use it as a starting point for your dialog based addons

DialogTemplate 1.0 source code  27 May 2006, 6Kb .zip

How to use "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition" with Orbiter

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