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Parlogio is a freeware funny multilingual speaking clock; you can use the already present languages or create your own one.
It's a speaking up/down counter too.

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Last 1.6 version 16 November 2005, 32Kb .zip, 39Kb on palm (English)     English Manual  Creation manual
Note: You need to download one of the language files listed below to let Parlogio speaks immediately or you can create your one following the included instructions.

It was developed for Palm Tungsten T but should work on other Palm with audio support, email me successes and failures.

The previous versions weren't compatible with the T3, I don't know if this version works,
if you have a T3 and you want to test it backup your data first; email me the result.

Language files:
Download one of these language files or create your one.
You need to download only one type of file (Card .par or RAM .pdb) because the other can be created by Parlogio.

Italian male for Expansion Card (Rod) 15 November 2004, 175Kb .zip
Italian male for Internal RAM (Rod) 15 November 2004, 176Kb .zip (for version 1.1 and later)

If you want to create an English version here is a starting point, it's the description file to be improved and completed with the audio file;
email me if you need help

You want create your language file ?
email me
You want share your language file ?
email me

Language example:
Italian example (Rod) 
15 November 2004, 177Kb .zip
Download this file as example on how to create a language file.

All versions:
Parlogio 1.6 16 November 2005, 32Kb .zip, 39Kb on palm (English)
Parlogio 1.5 29 September 2005, 30Kb .zip, 38Kb on palm (English)
Parlogio 1.4 18 September 2005, 30Kb .zip, 38Kb on palm (English)
Parlogio 1.3 17 September 2005, 29Kb .zip, 36Kb on palm (English)
Parlogio 1.2  31 August 2005, 26Kb .zip, 29Kb on palm (English)     <--------- OLD Interface
Parlogio 1.1  9 June 2005, 22Kb .zip, 22Kb on palm (English)
Parlogio 1.0  29 October 2004, 19Kb .zip, 18Kb on palm (English) Copyright (C) 2004-2005, Rod @

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Updated on 22 December 2005