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SEBlue is a freeware utility to connect the palm to your mobile phone through bluetooth and get some useful information like battery status, temperature, time, charge status, signal, etc.
It can be used to align the time and to test the phone.
It's mainly addressed to people with a good technical knowledge.

Battery form   General form   Indicators form      Configuration form


Last version 1.8   24 June 2005, 20Kb .zip, 36Kb on palm (English)        English Manual    Italian Manual

To update the software just overwrite the previous version; note: you may lose the SEBlue settings, type them again.
T3 and T5 users that got a crash with the previous version must remove the older version first.

It was developed for Palm Tungsten T and Sony Ericsson T630 but should work with other bluetooth hardware too, let me know both success and failure, I'll compile a compatibility list here, thanks.

The General form use common commands and should works in a large number of phones; the Battery and Indicators forms are Sony Ericsson specific and work in the T630 and similar models only.

The new Alarms function is quite experimental, use a large time interval or you'll discharge the battery more fast

Before use it be sure you have installed the last PalmOS updates, in particular the ones regarding telephony, operating system and phone driver.

Users report it works with:
               Tungsten T, T2, T3, TX; Sony Clie TG50, TH55/E1, UX50, SJ20+MS-Bluetooth; Tapware Zodiac, Lifedrive
               all forms: Sony Ericsson T68i, T610, T630, Z600
               excluded Battery:  Ericsson R520m, Sony Ericsson K700i, T69
               General form only: Siemens S55

Users report it doesn't work with:
    Some Palm Tungsten T3 and T5 (Fatal Alert at start), I hope SEBlue 1.7 solves it.
    Motorola v550 (do not connects)

Unknown (have someone tested it ? Email me):
    Palm Tungsten C + Bluetooth card

All versions:
SEBlue 1.8  24 June 2005, 20Kb .zip, 36Kb on palm (English)
SEBlue 1.7  30 March 2005, 22Kb .zip, 33Kb on palm (English) 
SEBlue 1.6  1 February 2005, 16Kb .zip, 29Kb on palm (English)
SEBlue 1.5  4 November 2004, 24Kb .zip, 18Kb on palm (English and Italian)
SEBlue 1.4  12 September 2004, 25Kb .zip, 15Kb on palm (English and Italian)
SEBlue 1.3  22 August 2004, 18Kb .zip, 10Kb on palm (English)
SEBlue 1.2  20 August 2004, 17Kb .zip, 10Kb on palm (English)
SEBlue 1.1  19 August 2004, 15Kb .zip, 9Kb on palm (English)
SEBlue 1.0  18 August 2004, 11Kb .zip, 7Kb on palm (English) Copyright (C) 2004-2005, Rod @

All trademarks are own by the respective owners.

Updated on 25 July 2006