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SolarP3D is a freeware solar system 2D/3D images and infos browser.
Venus, the Earth, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter are rendered in 3D, you can rotate the surface around the body axis.
For any body a list of physical and orbital elements may be shown.
The infos are in continuous evolution, let me know if you find errors.


Last 1.1 version  5 January 2006, 252Kb .zip, 404Kb on palm (English)     English Manual

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All versions:
SolarP3D 1.1  5 January 2006, 252Kb .zip, 404Kb on palm (English)
SolarP3D 1.0  8 December 2005, 250Kb .zip, 400Kb on palm (English)

Sun and planets images: "Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech."
Infos and images sources: NASA, Caltech, JPL, USGS

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Updated on 5 January 2006