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VMSwitch is a Palm freeware utility that lets you:
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Last version 1.4  10 September 2005, 14Kb .zip, 17Kb on palm (English)       English Manual    Italian Manual
To update the software just overwrite the previous version; note: you may lose the VMSwitch settings, type them again.

Known limitations:
    The Auto Power Off feature do not works if the palm is password locked
    It cannot start  user applications from expansion cards

It was developed for Tungsten T but should works with other palm hardware with PalmOS 4.0 or greater, let me know both success and failure, I'll compile a compatibility list here, thanks.

All versions:
VMSwitch 1.4  10 September 2005, 14Kb .zip, 17Kb on palm (English)
VMSwitch 1.3  21 September 2004, 20Kb .zip, 13Kb on palm (English)
VMSwitch 1.2  30 August 2004, 17Kb .zip, 12Kb on palm (English)
VMSwitch 1.1  21 August 2004, 9Kb .zip, 8Kb on palm (English)
VMSwitch 1.0  15 August 2004, 6Kb .zip, 4Kb on palm (English) Copyright (C) 2004-2005, Rod @

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Updated on 10 September 2005