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FrequencyP is a frequency meter and a pulse counter that reads the CTS and RX serial pins signal.
The tipical range for an old Palm IIIxe is 1Hz - 3kHz, but with the newest Palms you should go up to 25 kHz, let me know you results.

Note: it's for hardware experts only, to manage the serial pins may damage the device.


Last version 1.1  10 June 2006, 8Kb .zip, 12Kb on palm (English)   English Manual

All versions:
Version 1.1  10 June 2006, 8Kb .zip, 12Kb on palm (English)
Version 1.0  18 February 2006, 7Kb .zip, 9Kb on palm (English) Copyright (C) 2006, Rod @

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Updated on  10 June 2006